Vignettes Decorum

Welcome to VIIgnettes Decorum, my business that has been a lifetime in its creation.....VII references that this is my 7th career iteration, and my exciting retirement project!

I am intrigued by the idea of taking vintage or antique furniture pieces and making them irresistibly current with refreshed paint colours, new upholstery and unique accessories that add functionality and interest. My focus is to simplify your decorating process by locating those special companion pieces that mix with the furniture to create move-in ready ambience.

As you view my vignettes, you may think that I don't have a signature style.....and you are right. I love bright colours and contrasts and enjoy the simplicity of white. Whether the furniture suggests a classic timeless elegance or has a more rustic appeal, I feel that I am directing its energy into a modern interpretation of the original. By selecting furniture that has a small footprint I hope that these collections will fit into many types and sizes of homes.

Stay tuned as I will be posting pictures of all of my projects on my website. Drop me a quick email any time!

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